9 1/2 Weeks – or – Two If By Sea

It finally happened – after 9 1/2 weeks our sea shipment arrived! Not that I haven’t completely enjoyed sleeping on an air mattress I’m just really excited to have my very own bed – even if it is complete with our ROB monogrammed pillows *eyes rolling*.  We proudly retired all of our patio furniture to the balconies (where it belongs) to make way for the tear filled reunion with our stuff.  As the movers brought each box into our place I cheered with exuberance (which eventually became annoyance to the movers) but once I explained that I’d been living with 4 place settings and wardrobing myself with a stack of legging’s (ok, I’ll admit it – they’re jeggings) and wraps since we’ve been here they (pretended to) completely understand.  We did learn a few things about this move:

  • The packers loved using as much packing paper as possible (i.e. each shoe individually wrapped and packing paper in my clothing boxes – I’m not sure if they thought they were going to unravel?)
  • There wasn’t as much stuff as I thought
  • There was way more stuff than I thought
  • Everything fit in my kitchen cabinets *phew*
  • Slightly shocked at some of the things we actually did move 1/2 way around the world
  • It’s a daunting task to re-wash/ dry/ and iron all of the clothes we own because they smelled as though they had been in boxes for 9 1/2 weeks
  • Even when you ask the movers to “lose” something of your spouse’s, they won’t (and they’ll probably pack it up even more carefully)

some of our boxes

I can properly serve cupcakes again!

We brought this?


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