I’ve been feeling a bit crafty lately and was looking for a small project that would be a fun gift for friends. After a bit of Pinteresting (that’s a verb right?)  I found the perfect piece. Us women folk are always needing to bring a dish somewhere – a dish with food. There’s always a potluck or a picnic or just a group of people who will surely die if there isn’t 7-layer dip around. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to try to transport the dish, especially if it is on the warm side.

Here is the solution – a fancy casserole dish carrier. (That fits your standard pyrex dish or smaller – but who ever brought something small???)

I can’t take credit for the idea, I found it here on Little Bit Funky (if you want to make one yourself) but I can take credit for the hours of sewing while binging on Gilmore Girls. My friend Taunya tipped me off on a quilt fabric shop in Ho Chi Minh City where I found the perfect pair of prints (very Cath Kitdson style) to start this endeavor.  After I had finished them I realized there was a very very good chance the ladies who were gifted these would end up going to the same bring-a-plate soirees so I took it one step further and put name labels to make sure they would make it home safely. Now how many of y’all want one?


Look at all the things you can put in there!



I might’ve made one for myself


The stack of finished beauty!


Let’s Talk About Swants Baby

One day on Facebook a friend posted something as a joke, but I wasn’t laughing. It had to do with sewing and it was marvelous. It was swants. Pants made from sweaters, I guess you could call them panters but I think swants has a nice ring to it. I was due to visit an ex-perth expat, a fellow Perth Alumn, who was is cut from the same crafting cloth as I and we were going to make them.

I arrived in town on a Friday afternoon after the long haul flight (this time it was a pleasant jaunt through Moscow). We fueled up on Chuey’s tex mex and then hit up the thrift store. We didn’t quite think this through very well given than we were looking for men’s sweaters in Houston however we found two that would do the trick. This was the perfect activity to do in the evening to fight through my atrocious jet lag. We followed the step by step tutorial provided and we eventually figured them out (I mean they are swants not gowns for the Met Gala, our best would have to do). I think Kim’s husband was horrified impressed by our new creation.

They next evening there was a swants debut to Kim’s children, and neighbors, as we decided they should be showed off in the front yard – with cartwheels. It turns out that not only can we sew a wicked stitch but we can also tumble like the best mid-30 year old women I know!

I think we’ll go on tour, be on the lookout for the Sisterhood of Traveling Swants.

We even have matching dickies1

We even have matching dickies!

Like riding a bicycle!

Like riding a bicycle!

The Webs We Weave

Typical to my stateside trips I decided to make a quilt – although this time I only made one (as I’ve said before, it’s not an addiction, I can quilt anytime). This go around was a Halloween holiday quilt as a gift to a loved one. The pattern I used Spiders and Webs here on Moda Bake Shop. I made slight modifications to make the quilt larger. I used a great fabric line, Eerie by BasicGrey, which I got at Missouri Star Quilt Co. I like that it had vibrant Halloween colors but the prints were more modern and adult, lending itself to everyday usage if desired (and come on, don’t we all want to used quilts every day?).

I wanted to take great pics of this one however it was hard to find any halloween decor being displayed in August. Instead I made my mother hold it up in front of a corn field because corn fields have a certain creepiness factor.

Quilts of the Corn

Quilts of the Corn

Love this fabric line

Love this fabric line

Slightly different from the pattern but still a beaut

Slightly different from the pattern but still a beaut

Me Trying to Compete with First Day of School Pics

With all of the first days of school being documented on social media I thought I’d put out one of my firsts – my first quilt (riveting, I know).

Back in 1993 I was an 8th grader at Peter Kiewit Middle School. I was enrolled in a home-ec class called “Design Your Own” in which you, wait for it, design your own crafty project. Now if anyone recalls 1993 as well as I do you know it was the era of puffy paint, endless puffy paint. So all of the cool kids in class squeezed this shiny and sometimes sparkly and always gooey and slow drying paint on anything they could get their hands on – keds, tee shirts, boxer shorts (yes, remember when we used to wear boxer shorts as shorts???). Well I massively one upped everyone by making a quilt. Seriously. I was the 8th grader bringing bags of freshly cut fabric in which my mother meticulously labeled instructions each night on post-its for me and my teacher to follow – which we did. The only casualty was my thumb which was impaled straight through by a sewing machine needle and attached to my quilt for a short moment before being sent to the nurse. (This was also the second tetanus shot I’d received in a long line of tetanus risk activities I failed in such as jumping out of a tree house onto an upright nail.)

Anyway I only have 30 minutes of free wifi at O’Hare right now so I’ll bring this to a close. After finished the top my mother’s quit group hand quilted it for me and it was on my bed for a few years before I picked out a more teenage appropriate bedspread. It is now in my parents guest room if you’d ever like to see it. Enjoy the pics!

In all it's glory

In all it’s glory

Close up of the lovely fabrics I chose and the quilt groups fab hand stitching

Close up of the lovely fabrics I chose and the quilt groups fab hand stitching

Fancy schmancy bordering

Fancy schmancy bordering

Quilts I Haven’t Showed You Yet (hold onto your excitement)

I went to America a few months ago and since I had full use of my mother’s quilting apparatus and quilting room (which used to be my bedroom so it’s kind of my quilting room) I decided to make hay while the sun shined.  In a shortish amount of time and a large amount of Taco Bell we managed to knock out three quilts.  We were also were able to triangulate our road tripping to hit not one but two amazing quilt shops.  The first was Hancock’s of Paducah (in Kentucky) which is the warehouse for their gigantic online presence.  The second was MIssouri Star Quilt Company (in, um Missouri) which has reinvigorated new life into Hamilton Missouri (which is also has a JC Penny Museum!) and has inundated the web with countless free tutorials and all around fabric bliss.

The quilts that were finished were 1) A full size rustic themed quilt and cowboy boot pillow for Hailey, 2) A cot sized quilt for Stacey’s new bub, and 3) A lap sized quilt that I raised over $1,000 for in a raffle for Relay For Life (thank you to all who participated!).  Without further ado …

Hailey's Rustic Quilt

Hailey’s Rustic Quilt


Relay For Life Raffle Quilt - Marcelle Medallion

Relay For Life Raffle Quilt – Marcelle Medallion

Stacey's Cot Quilt

Stacey’s Cot Quilt