Our First (WA) Road Trip

It was once again another Australian holiday (I don’t really feel bad for everyone in the U.S. because you just had Memorial Day weekend).  Even though we were busy Saturday and Sunday we still wanted to make the most of the extended weekend and planned a marathon road trip for Monday.  It was ladies choice so I mapped out the itinerary and set the alarm for 5:00am so we could get no the road by 6:00am (ouch).

Our first stop of the day was way down South to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta WA.  You may ask, “hey, didn’t you just go to a lighthouse last weekend?” and the answer would be “why yes, yes we did, but this one is different, it’s the tallest mainland lighthouse in Australia and was manually operated until 1982.  It is also the point where the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet”.  We took a tour, because who doesn’t enjoy going to the top of tall structures (oh, I know, the lady in our tour group who apparently is deathly afraid of heights and had the handrail in a death grip while on the verge of hyperventilation the entire way up).  The tour guide spouted out lots of facts and figures, but my favourite was this golden nugget:

Tour Guide: “We still have working lighthouses today because GPS units are often wrong. You want to know why? It’s because the American’s own the satellites”.

Me: “Say what???”  *glancing around noticing everyone nodding along …*

Tour Participant: “Yes, it’s true, and they scramble the satellites during war time.  Often at odd hours I can tell they are at war because the satellites begin to be scrambled”

Me: *to self* “where am I and who are these people???”

The tour guide also went on to explain that people are taller nowadays due to the hormones added to beef and that he’s a vegetarian.  I just wanted to get to the top of the dang lighthouse …

After our educational experience we had nowhere to go but North – to Margaret River.  Rob loves caves (not sure why, I think it’s a guy thing taking them to their Neanderthal roots).  We decided to go on the self guided  tour of Mammoth Cave.  We quickly realised we could never go on a tour like this it in the U.S.  A cave, self guided?  They were really trusting us to not fall off of a walkway? or try to pull down a stalactite?  (Warning: educational portion of the blog. After many Black Hills cave tours I remember that stalactites are the ones that hang down because they hang ” ‘tite’ to the ceiling” as opposed to stalagmites growing up from the ground).  Regardless, we survived and managed to not deface any part of the cave.

From there we had one last stop on our way back to Perth – the Busselton Jetty in, well, Busselton.  The jetty is 1.7 kilometres long (for those who have yet to switch to the Metric system that’s a little over a mile) and is the longest wooden structure in the Southern Hemisphere.  Now you may wonder “hmmm, then what is the longest wooden structure in the Northern Hemisphere?”  Well I wondered the same thing and came up empty handed after many a fine google search.  If you are able to provide me with the answer then I will dedicate a blog entry to your awesomeness.  The main reason for this stop on the road trip was an episode of our favourite show MasterChef was filmed there.  Just in case you’re too lazy to walk to the mile to the end of the Jetty they do have a train you can take.  Also half of the jetty has no railing on one side so be careful of who you traverse it with.

At the end of the day we realised that the scenery along the drive looked like we were driving to the Ozarks but with Kangaroo crossing signs HOWEVER we got to see a bunch of stuff in our new country and still made it home for the evening’s episode of MasterChef.

Book Review(s): I finished the 4th & 5th books of the House of Night series by P.C. Cast as well as Last Night at Chateau Marmont.  They are all chick-lit by the pool worthy and Marmont provides a slightly watered down experience as reading her outstanding Devil Wears Prada.

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2 thoughts on “Our First (WA) Road Trip

  1. Do roller coasters count for the longest wooden structure? If they do, then the winner would be ‘The Beast’ at Kings Island Park in Mason, OH. It has a length of 2,243 meters (notice how I went all metric right there?) or 7,359 feet.

  2. I’ll pass along the word at work that we should get into the lighthouse business – too funny! 🙂

    I see you’re teaching Rob to do silly poses – nice work!

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