Electric Youth

I used to think I was young, sometimes I still think I am.  Actually I didn’t quite think about it all too much until last year when I saw everyone I grew up with being congratulated on Facebook 700 times over for turning the big 3-0.  It solidifies the idea of ignorance being bliss – if I hadn’t seen everyone turn 30 (and now *gulp* 31)  then I must not be old, right?  I’m also cooler than I think, right? When I look around at all my self proclaimed “hip” activties, I have had a little hope that 30 is the new 21.  Looking back (at that last sentence) I recognize how lame it was that I even used the word “hip”.

What this brings me to is this:  I’ve been spending a little more time lately with a certain 13 year old girl … and let’s just say that it’s shattered any dream that I had of my aforementioned hopeful thoughts of youth … here are some key phrases uttered by said girl to land me in this cold reality

Did you download this song back when it was still cool?

Oh, is this song an “oldie” or whatever you call it?

Hmmm, those shoes, they’re more girly – like my age girly – probably not your age.

Um, not to upset you or anything … but you have a grey hair.

As I am readjusting my outlook here’s to being proud of my love for Neil Diamond, Hall & Oates, a good old fashioned musical, the joy of small kitchen appliance purchases, and getting excited about being able to go to sleep early on a Friday night.

Book Review: Matched.  Of course this book would be young adult fiction … but anyhoo – it’s a great read for anyone still reeling from Hunger Games withdrawls without feeling like you’re reading its reincarnation.  Gotta love spring time and young adult love triangles.

*note – I’ve gone back and hyperlinked all of my book reviews to Amazon.  Not that I get any sort of kick back from doing that (especially in regards to the books that I thought sucked) but I though it would save you from having to google the title later.  See – I am a nice person.