Never Felt Better!

Looks like my craftiness repertoire has increased once again.  I fell into this project by default – the right place at the right time (or as Rob would say “if she can find a new and unique way to spend money, she will”).  I was with some lady friends at a fabric shop (btw, I can’t escape the Midwest as the shop owner originally hails from good ol’ Tulsa OK) who were going to work on a felting project and I got distracted by bright pretty colored textiles and ended up walking out with (after paying for) a big bag of silk and wool (or what Rob would describe as “why do you have a big bag of hair”) … man, Rob sure is saying a lot in this post, huh? … Anyways, with my “bag of hair” I also had a follow up afternoon with the ladies to create …

Now, I have never felted before and I’m not going to go into all of the steps and things you do (but if you’re interested there is information here and pictures of finished felted projects here) but after 6 hours of playing with wool and silk and water and soap and throwing stuff around I ended up with this amazing wrap that I can wear out to fun things … or just around the house to fancy up my cleaning.  Oh yeah, and after Rob saw that to buy these suckers finished is anywhere from $300- $500 he very much appreciated the significantly smaller amount spent on supplies and a little bit of my rainy day elbow grease.

Book Review: Packing For Mars was quite insightful reading on the random minutia that goes into space exploration – including the tidbit that after 10 days of neither cleansing ones body nor changing clothes you pretty much smell the same thereon out.

Here's me demonstrating to the camera that I can hold a piece of wool

Before the watering and beat down

The finished wrap


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