The Day the Internet Came to Town

It happened! It happened! A short 46 days later and I have the internet!  I’m not going to elaborate on how this has been the biggest pain in the arse I’ve ever dealt with because a) it’s really boring and makes me appear slightly whiney and b) frankly I don’t care anymore because I now have the internet! To be quite honest, the wait has sort of been like every marathon I have ever ran.  The entire time I am thinking how miserable I am and then once I cross that finish line and they give me a medal and a quarter of a bagel and I forget all of the pain and complaints.  Well this is me, forgetting about all of the mornings spent at McDonald’s with the kids who are skipping school trying to use their slower-than-my-parents old dial up.  Also forgetting all of my attempts at making small talk with my neighbours trying to extract information that could help me guess their internet passwords.  For days weeks I felt like Gilligan and his feeble attempts at making coconut radios to access the outside world except I wasn’t a Cub Scout leader long enough to learn that badge.

Like an addict who really wasn’t committed to rehab I went a bit berserk once the modem arrived.  Rob showed up at home to find not my iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone, NookColor, T-Hub and iPod touch all up and running and connected to either my blog, facebook, iTunes, facebook again and numerous cooking blogs … oh, and I might’ve been Skyping …


I’ve Converted

Fine, I’ve done it – it’s official – I’ve converted to the Imperial System.  I think part of my hesitation to do so had to do with the misconception that it had to do with Star Wars – another thing I also don’t understand.

Here’s why … with most things in my life it had to do with running.

Rob and I ran our first Aussie 10k this weekend.  For the first time I attended a race and wasn’t surrounded with a bunch of people trying to figure out how many miles were in a 10k/ 5k.  There also weren’t mile markers – which is just confusing to mark a 10k race for a distance of 6.2 miles – it ends at a nice and even 10 – no extras.  This proves to be fantastic for people who are slightly OCD.

Another benefit was that it looks like you’re running faster! (yes, I realise that the km is a shorter distance – but I am a fan of falsely inflating my self confidence.  It is also why I have thoroughly enjoyed weighing myself in Kilos.  At 2.2 kilos per pound I “appear” to weigh less – and I can’t figure out the lb conversion due to my missing head calculator so it makes me a happy person!) Don’t question my theories – they work just fine.

Although I had some slight hesitation I looked around and figured to heck with it, when in Rome, and switched my Garmin from Miles to Kilometers.

Book Review: “The Postmistress”.  There were a lot of good reviews in the book cover and the back of the book.  It was a decent read I guess.