Dentist! and Lobsters!

I love, love, love Little Shop of Horrors (the movie – you know the 1986 movie, based on the off-broadway musical, based off the 1960 film).  What not to love, a pre-honey I shrunk the kids Rick Moranis, Steve Martin (fact: LSOH is the only film in which Steve Martin was a brunette) and *drum roll* – it’s a musical! So please watch the following clip to get in the mood for today’s story.

I scheduled a whole slew of appointments before the move, not that I don’t trust Australian medical professionals – it’s just that it’s recommended based on our 10 week move check list (that had to be completed in 5 weeks – but who’s keeping track).  One of my appointments was with the dentist who decided I should get my wisdom tooth pulled – like the next day.  Now I know you’re wondering and yes, I was genetically blessed by inheriting my father’s lack of wisdom (teeth) and have had only one.

The day of my appointment “Ob” kindly drove me to the oral surgeon for my extraction.  The Dr. man said that it should be pretty easy.  All I cared about was receiving a lot of drugs – I had seen the Brittany episode of Glee and was sort of hoping for my own music video – although my dance moves would look more like an episode of Barney and Friends.  They put me under and what seemed like 6 seconds later they were moving me into a wheelchair to recovery.  The following interactions were recounted to me later by “Ob”.

Me (to the nurses): (slurring I’m sure) “um, can you maybe turn my wisdom tooth into an ornament – like for my tree?”

Nurse: “No”

And my classiness continued:

Ob: “hey honey, they say you can’t have caffeine”

Me: ” that doesn’t mean Diet Coke”

Ob: “yes, that’s exactly what it means”

Nurse: “yup, no Diet Coke”

Me: (giving the nurse the bird)

“Ob” got me safely home and provided me a frosty in which I attempted to consume (‘er, drop every spoonful on me).  A few hours later, in true Becca fashion I was back to my regular self and made a fantastical Lobster(gram) dinner.

seriously, no diet coke?

lobster time!

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