Why I Hate Japanese Steak Houses

I will first acknowledge that I know I am in the minority here for my dislike of the ever popular Japanese Steakhouses (especially with Prom season quickly approaching – not that I’m going or anything). I usually duck-in quickly to a booth and partake of large quantities of sushi – enough to induce sodium cankles for days to come.  Why do I hate these places you may ask? (well, you would ask if this wasn’t a one-sided conversation) I will tell you …

  1. Stranger Danger.  I’ve never liked sitting next to strangers and I’m not a fan of it when you have to sit at the same table with people you don’t know.  If I was looking for that type of seating arrangement I’d go to a wedding or on a cruise.  No offense to the couple at my table of whom the lady claimed seafood allergies so her chicken needed to be cooked first and then chowed down on crab rangoon – but I don’t want to share my dining “experience” with you.  And yes – I was staring at you for half the meal, you were not being paranoid.
  2. It’s like buttah.  I don’t like to see my food being made.  I don’t want  clever puns with the “butterfly/ butter fly” as it is being thrown up in the air.  And I surely don’t want to see how much butter you are putting on my rice, vegetables and shrimp, or chicken, or steak.  I prefer to be in denial that restaurants use only healthy olive oils to prepare my entrees.
  3. Coordinated? Do you know me? I’m glad that everyone else is able to catch food in their mouth when it comes to the interactive part of the meal.  I however end up just getting pelted in the face with shrimp.

There you have it – my foodie grievance of the day.  Please stay tuned to later installments such as “why I hate syrup – both the aroma and texture” and “Velveeta – is it really considered a cheese if you don’t have to refrigerate until after opening?”