Bicycle Races Are Coming Your Way

I have a great group of international ladies here in Vung Tau and on Wednesdays we wear pink, oh wait, no, on Wednesdays we meet for coffee. I left at my normal late time to head on over to catch up on the week’s goss. I revved up my vespa and puttered on down the road. I took my normal route and as I approached the main road and I saw a cyclist coming and looked and saw more cyclists in the group. This is a typical sight in this area. There was also a big motorbike with them of two people on it who I was assuming was their support. I waited for them to pass and then turned onto the road.

I continued on my way, a bit relieved to not have other motorbikes zipping past me, and then I noticed it. Ahead of the cycling group was a mob of professional photographers – um, this was NOT normal. I mean we do get photographed periodically for being foreigners but it’s usually on iPhones. As I kept driving (and getting closer to the cyclists) I then noticed A LOT of people on the sidewalk, as in spectators, watching cyclists which then made sense of the giant INFLATABLE FINISH LINE ARCH! Holy crap I was in the middle of a bicycle race. I frantically looked for the next available turn off and took a fast right. Of course I don’t know all of the side streets of Vung Tau so I wandered around as I let my heart rate normalize eventually made it to coffee, where of course we solved all of the world’s problems except why the heck they didn’t close off the roads to the mornings race. But who knows, maybe they did, it was probably in Vietnamese and so was all of the yelling directed my way …

If you’d like to read about the bicycle race here it is.