It’s PSA Time

With the New Year approaching (yes, the Lunar New Year) our town is teeing up some very helpful public service announcements to have great start of the year of the monkey. I’ve taken pictures and since I do not speak Vietnamese here is a very loose translation of what they say.

“A rubbish bin’s job is a lonely job if you throw your trash in the grass. Put it in me and I’ll be happy again!” *please note stick drawings are not to scale.wp-1453554478241.jpg

“Make sure everyone is wearing a helmet as they be crazy driving up in here!”wp-1453554494132.jpg

“These white lines are where you cross the street. Please stop walking into traffic wherever it floats your boat.” This sign is at all of the places people walk across with no crosswalk, basically everywhere.wp-1453554484547.jpg

“These are traffic lights, they each mean something different. Contrary to popular belief you do not have a 5 second leeway on either side of a green or red light”wp-1453554505471.jpg

Now that you are informed I wish you a Happy New Year – drive/ walk/ trash safely!


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