Angkor (say) Wat?

I promise that is the last time I will ever use the Angkor (say) Wat pun (maybe). Robbo had to leave the country (again) so I went ahead and left to – for a girls weekend in Siem Reap. I met up with a few ex-Perth expats, and one Perthian, for the weekend of the Angkor Wat Half-Marathon/ 10k run.  Girl’s trips are good for the soul, especially when they’re with girls as good as mine. I’m lucky (and tired) for this great weekend opportunity. It couldn’t be perfecter.

First things first we decided to sleep in, well get up just in time to eat the hotel’s breakfast buffet and then go back to sleep again. Then after being exhausted from some market shopping we laid by the pool for a few hours waiting for dinner time. After the much needed R&R we hopped on a tuk-tuk for temple day. We managed to sweat on a lot of amazing looking old temples – obviously not as much sweat as was put into building them eleventy billion years ago – but it was still impressive.

The next morning was race day. We didn’t have to leave until 5 am which means I got to sleep in until 4:15! Woo-hoo!! We joined to throng of tuk-tuks carrying runners tying up shoes and wiping sleep from their eyes. Thankfully we got there in time to wait in line at the port-a-loos long enough to make friends (other expats living in other SouthEast asian countries). I’ve never been at such a gorgeous race starting line – complete with the sun rising over Angkor Wat. This is the only race I’ve run in which almost everyone, including myself, kept stopping to take pictures. I mean come on, we literally got to run through the grounds of Angkor Wat! When we were done we loaded up on fresh coconut water (who needs it from the can) and our tuk-tuk driver found us in the crowd to take us home. We relaxed with the pool, massages and mexican food – the way it should be.


Sunrise over Angkor Wat


Ready, ready to run!


One of many tuk-tuk rides


Chilling, relaxin, acting all cool.



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