Let’s Talk About Swants Baby

One day on Facebook a friend posted something as a joke, but I wasn’t laughing. It had to do with sewing and it was marvelous. It was swants. Pants made from sweaters, I guess you could call them panters but I think swants has a nice ring to it. I was due to visit an ex-perth expat, a fellow Perth Alumn, who was is cut from the same crafting cloth as I and we were going to make them.

I arrived in town on a Friday afternoon after the long haul flight (this time it was a pleasant jaunt through Moscow). We fueled up on Chuey’s tex mex and then hit up the thrift store. We didn’t quite think this through very well given than we were looking for men’s sweaters in Houston however we found two that would do the trick. This was the perfect activity to do in the evening to fight through my atrocious jet lag. We followed the step by step tutorial provided and we eventually figured them out (I mean they are swants not gowns for the Met Gala, our best would have to do). I think Kim’s husband was horrified impressed by our new creation.

They next evening there was a swants debut to Kim’s children, and neighbors, as we decided they should be showed off in the front yard – with cartwheels. It turns out that not only can we sew a wicked stitch but we can also tumble like the best mid-30 year old women I know!

I think we’ll go on tour, be on the lookout for the Sisterhood of Traveling Swants.

We even have matching dickies1

We even have matching dickies!

Like riding a bicycle!

Like riding a bicycle!


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