Show Me the Fabric

Some people thing quilting is a cult. Let’s go ahead and ignore that as I place your glass of kool-aid on this beautiful patchwork coaster and tell you a little ditty …

Nestled into the Show-Me state in Hamilton Missouri is a wonderful beautiful fabric oasis, the Missouri Star Quilt Co. What started out as a small brick and mortar fabric and sewing notions shop in 2008 grew to a international quilting powerhouse due to well honed marketing and a heck of a lot of creativity and work. Here are just a few of the reasons I make the trip there whenever I catch a chance!

Modern. It’s nice to see a quilt shop that is up on the times. Jenny Doan has her own youtube channel with a ridiculously large library of tutorials – and lets be honest, I need all the help I can get! It’s a great source of knowledge, helpful tips and inspiration (and often times for me the correct way to do things). They also have a great website as well as social media presence.

Selection. Because they run an online business as well as store front their selection is Off. The. Hook. You can get all the modern fabrics that are available and don’t look like your grandma’s quilts. They also have the largest selection of pre-cuts, IN THE WORLD. Pre-cuts are a fantastic way to get into quilting without all the stress of your initial first cuts .

Community. MSQC is the largest employer in it’s county. They have most fantastic people working there – I have loved every interaction.When I first visited the store a few years back it was just one shop and there was nowhere to get a bite to eat. It now has six store fronts (original, Mercantile (reproductions prints), Licensed fabric lines – think Marvel, Star Wars etc, Batiks, Holiday, and Modern). There is a sewing retreat center, soon to come welcome center and even most importantly for the spouses that get dragged along a soon to come Man Cave. A bakery and burger joint flank the main shop. To say they have revitalized the town of Hamilton is an understatement.

Location. I’m not gonna lie, I’m elated that MSQC is located in the epicenter of the three places I spend most time on my trips back to America: Omaha, Kansas City and Kirksville. I literally have to drive past it’s exit during all of my travels. But for those who want to make the trek there the easiest way is to fly into Kansas City and it’s approximately an hour drive there (and you can indulge in Kansas City BBQ on either end of the trip – but that’s an entirely different topic …)

Whether or not you are a “fabric enthusiast” take a look around their website and youtube channel and I think you can appreciate how this family took a basic idea and created a local and now worldwide treasure.

The first Missouri Star Quilt Company shop

The first Missouri Star Quilt Company shop

Come on, who doesn't love a quilt mural!

Come on, who doesn’t love a quilt mural!


Do you have quilting playing cards?

Do you have quilting playing cards?


There's so much a brochure complete with map is needed

There’s so much a brochure complete with map is needed

More pre-cuts

More pre-cuts

Fantastically self published magazines.

Fantastically self published magazines.

Don't know much about pre-cuts? They'll help you.

Don’t know much about pre-cuts? They’ll help you.


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