Food Friday – Bánh cuốn

Remember when I post about all of the wonderful people who have helped us in this move? Well some of super helpful people are the owners of the home we are living in. They. Are. Awesome. They have not only come to our rescue time after time but we enjoy genuinely enjoy spending time with each other. This past Saturday they invited us to join them for Vietnamese breakfast (I think they spotted our wide but sad selection of sugary breakfast cereals). We met up with Hien and Son and their son at this local joint. What I like about the Vietnamese eateries is that they basically make one thing, which makes ordering WAY easy.

This specific place specializes in bánh cuốn. This is a rice based dish – but not what you think. They start with a rice batter that is spread out thinly over a drum-like-looking thing and then steamed. This makes wide sheets of rice noodle. These are then used with fried shallots, coriander (cilantro) and pork sausage. As you eat with chopsticks (which we did!) you dip the combination of ingredients in fish sauce that we added lime juice and red pepper spices too.

I was impressed with the dish. The rice noodles definitely look like quite a bit of work and I love the flavours of the fresh ingredients that are always included in Vietnamese dishes. It was definitely filling, which I’m still not used to eating large breakfasts so I was the only one to not finish. It was nice to have a breakfast date with friends.


The lovely meal


Took a picture of the location so I can make it back


Rice noodles being made



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