I Take a Village

If you’ve ever moved before you can agree that moving can be hard. There’s the packing, the unpacking, the hotels, trying to set up internet, cable, phones, banks and that’s just the basics. Then there are the emotionally draining things like finding people who will like you enough to be friends and figuring out the configuration of your new grocery store – and That’s just for a standard moves.

Now we add the international component with the mix with a foreign language, new cultural norms, different transportation options and basically an inability to do many things for myself. In order to get around, pay my bills, obtain drinking water, cooking gas and anything else I need people to help me.

Now we add the “seriously??” moments like snake in the house, power outages, getting locked out the house (and the bedroom!) and ATM eating bank card. Once again, none of these were able to be navigated without a phone tree of people to help.

All along the way we have been incredibly blessed with people who have graciously come to our rescue (sometimes literally – i.e. snake in the house) from home owners, to the pool guy, to the employee at a hotel business centre and to friends I was able to meet and make on day six of living here (I’ll have to do a post on expat speed-friendshipping another day).

I’ve been taking Vietnamese classes (at a local Australian Pub) and have learned the basics to get me out and about and around. The other day a Vietnamese tour guide was surprised when I used a few words and exclaimed:

Oh you speak Vietnamese??

To which I respondedL

 No, I know how to say ‘Thank You’ because I am constantly being helped by so many great people


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