Food Friday – How to Train Your Dragon (Fruit)

One of my Instagram friends said it best calling Dragon Fruit the “best show off fruit ever!” and I couldn’t agree more. It is seriously so pretty. Bright pink exterior with green accents and then you slice it open to a delicious white fruit with black seeds, sometimes I’m surprised with a red interior. The fruit is originally from Mexico and most likely brought to Asia from Europeans. If I were to compare it to another fruit I’d say it’s most similar tasting to a kiwi fruit but slightly less juicy and slightly more fibrous. It has a nice sweet flavour (um, as most fruit does …).

Its really easy to uncase, just a quick cut down the middle and you can get the fruit out with either a big spoon or even just plying off the outer casing with your hands. It comes out quite easily. Then you just eat as is – and like my love for the pomelo it doesn’t last long in my house. With all of this great fruit available here in Vietnam I wish I could find baking recipes to go with it, but usually they do this healthy thing called “just eating fresh fruit”. pfft .Well, on that note, next time you see the dragon fruit pop up in your grocery store pick a few up and enjoy (and you don’t even have to add sugar or some sort of pastry).


Flock of Dragon Fruits

Flock of Dragon Fruits


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