Orange You Glad It’s Friday?

Our hotel gave us fruit in our room, it is quite kind of them. The apple was consumed within the first 24 hours. I had been having a standoff since then with what appeared to an oversized lime. This did not seem odd at first after experiencing Perth’s ginormous lemons each winter, although it seemed odd that they would provide me with a giant lime to quench my appetite. It made me wonder

“are giant limes a Vietnamese delicacy I’m not aware of?”

(Since I’m obviously fully aware of all of the culinary treats after living here for approximately 8 days). After a late afternoon need for sugar arose I finally decided to end the stand off by slicing into the James and the Giant Lime. Guess what! Turns out it was an orange. Vietnamese oranges are green! (I’m not sure why they aren’t called greens). So next time you come across what appears to be an obese limey – take a bite and see if it’s a Vietnamese orange.

This all being said, I’m going to start having a Food Friday. I don’t particularly enjoy going grocery shopping, but I am always enthralled in the goods available in different markets in different areas of the world. With the new items I can explore here in Vietnam I’ll dedicate Friday’s to what I’ve found in food. Hopefully y’all find it interesting, if not, well this is your warning to skip Friday’s readings ( I really don’t mean that, read anyway, it will be good fun!)

I did not take this picture, Pinterest did.

I did not take this picture, Pinterest did.


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