2015 Farewell Tour

I have a special team of guests who helped me write today’s blog post. Boyz II Men generously wrote a little ditty to help best express my feelings during the Osborn Farewell Tour of 2015. Please sing along as you read it (I know you are anyway).

How do Iiiiiiii, say goodby-yyyyyye to what we haa-aaaad

the good times that made us laugh (it usually involved movie quotes and song lyrics and hashtags)

outweigh the baaa-aaaaad

I thought we’d get see foreveee-eeeer (or at least those of us who got Australian Permanent Residency)

but forever’s far awaaaaaay

It’s so haaaaa-aaard to say goodbye to yesterday

I don’t know where this road

is going to leeeeaaad (except I do, and it’s Vietnam)

All I know is where we’ve been (to the beach, lunches, dinners, brekkies, girls weekends, camping, and quite a few places actually)

And what we’ve been through (a general lack of Mexican food tops the list)

If we get to see tomorrow (really Boyz II Men this line was a bit dramatic, I’m just moving, not dying)

I hope it’s worth all the wait (y’all are all worth the wait!)

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

And I’ll take with me the memoriiiiiiiieeeeeees (the Timehop app will really help with this)

To be my sunshine after the raaaaaiiiiiin

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday


Danielle & Tori keeping me sane


Perfect selfies with Kimberly & Lozza



Last night in Perth

<img title="wpid-img_20150418_082706.jpg" class="alignnone

Kim & I presenting Susie with her birthday quilt

These bff’s threw the best bon voyage!

I don’t want to let go

Kim’s amazing Aussie mini quilt she made for me


Best sailing crew



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