My Tips on Moving

In preparing for this move I thought I’d take a look on Pinterest.  After I was done searching for new wardrobe pieces that are SouthEast Asia appropriate I started looking for moving tips.  Can I just say how unhelpful  the tips posted are? Some of the tips were as brilliant as “schedule the movers” and “make a list”. Seriously? SERIOUSLY???  Here are some tips that I am using to survive this current move.

1) Go to the gym  – a lot.  This is because you will be stress eating like no other. Even after a good treadmill session it’s a good idea to sit in the gym cafe while thumbing through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even research new trends to put off going home and dealing with the piles … the never ending piles.

2) When in doubt, throw it out. My theory is that if you can always re-buy it. Robbo extremely dislikes this tip, but I still stick to it. I already have a list of things I think I should buy when we land …

3) Eat your feelings. This is tried and true and doesn’t just apply to chocolate. I also recommend caramel in any form and/ or something savoury such as chips and dips.

4) Lean on your friends. They are awesome and are your sanity when you are spiralling deep into insanity.

5) Go on a trip! Specifically get out of town with the friends in tip #4 because really everything else can wait and be done in a stressful procrastinated hurry.


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