Not So Permanent

Remember when we got Australian Permanent Residency?  Remember how we planned on staying in this magical, sunny, arid, days upon days of good hair weather location and spending our days watching cricket and eating vegemite? Well this is why you don’t make plans folks. We have recently announced on many forms of social media that we are on the move – this time we chose a developing country with an incredibly hard language to learn – VIETNAM!

In all honesty we’re really excited for this new adventure. We’re currently in the arduous process of coordinating movers, visas, immunisations oh yeah and making a quilt (yes, I’ll admit it, I stress quilt). I’m also heavily researching Vietnamese puns so I can change the name of the blog.  (To be quite honest I think Rob is getting a bit skeptical of my to-do list). In the meantime, start researching flights and let me know when you’d like to book into Chez Osborn.

Our new 'hood

Our new ‘hood


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