Baking Heartbreak

Caramels with edible cellophane wrappers by Heston Blumenthal… EDIBLE CELLOPHANE WRAPPERS.  How could I not be excited to try this recipe?  Abby (Road’s) and I meticulously planned this two day baking expedition.  Petri dishes (proper lab grade) were ordered, glycerol was obtained and candy thermometers were in place.  Directions were followed to a “T” (which is not common in my kitchen).

We failed.

I am heartbroken.

The wrappers evaporated and the ones that didn’t stayed as gelatinous messes in their fancy petri dishes.

Every few days I do internet searches to see if anyone else has any tips on how to make these work.  I keep coming up empty.   Until then we hope Pinterest has some good ideas for repurposing petri dishes.

The supposed wrappers

The supposed wrappers

What they're supposed to look like

What they’re supposed to look like


2 thoughts on “Baking Heartbreak

  1. Hi. I’ve been trawling the web today looking for clues after experiencing exactly the same problem. The caramels were great, and still are (there are a lot of them). I wish I could say the same for the cellophane. They turned out exactly the same as yours. I’m wondering if the quantities are incorrect? The instructions are so simple it is hard to pick where I could have gone wrong in the execution. I would be grateful if you would let me know if you have had any luck finding an answer.

    • What i didn’t include is that we tried multiple variations after the original recipe failed and nothing worked. I also emailed the publisher and the AUS office forwarded it to the UK office and I never heard back. Still devo about it!

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