A Beautiful Day For A Bush Walk

We’ve been going non-stop lately with Robbo’s racking up the frequent flyer miles and with having out of town guests (which I’ll write more about later!).  Saturday arrived and we found ourselves having a bit of downtime so we took full advantage of the bright shiny thing in the sky that had been hidden by rain recently and went on a hike.

Since I was preparing the hike details it was a morning scramble to locate maps, details and directions but we eventually made it to the Kitty Gorge walk in Serpentine Falls.  The hike is 14km return trip and once we finally figured out how to read the map it was only about 17kms.  It really was a gorgeous hike taking in the flora, waterfalls and other hikers taking selfies.

The Serpentine Falls themselves were a nice treat and I was able to feed a young Irish boy pretending to be a kangaroo some of my Honey Soy Chicken chips.  He also wanted some of my lollies but by then his horrified mother realized he was begging food from a stranger and summoned her children away for a picnic.  ( I should add that I was happy to share my food with him because it’s not every day you come across an Irish roo).

We made it back to our car about 5 hours after we started and then hobbled around for the rest of the evening remembering that hiking hurts more than just regular running.  All in all it was a perfect Perth day.

I kept pulling this map picture up many, many times on the hike

I kept pulling this map picture up many, many times on the hike


No four leafers

No four leafers

wpid-20140913_104850.jpg wpid-20140913_112202.jpg

HIking selfie!

HIking selfie!



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