Robbo’s Big (Cricket) Break!

We are a sporting people.  Wherever we roam if there is a sport to be watched, played or barracked for we will be there.  Moving to Perth opened up an entire new world of sports (and not just because we didn’t want to deal with the crazy viewing hours of American ones).  One sport that we have gained an affinity for is cricket.  I would name a bunch of things about  teams and events and players but there’s a very good chance a large amount of my reader (yes that was singular on purpose, I don’t kid myself that my mother is my only blog visitor) wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

Recently I got an email from Robbo saying “make this happen please”.  What “this” was, was playing in the Shane Warne Foundation Charity Cricket Cup at none other than the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).  Some background – Shane Warne is widely regarded as the greatest bowler of all time.  For people like me I knew him as Liz Hurley’s ex-fiance.  The MCG, commonly referred to as the “G”, is the largest sporting venue in Australia and one of the most well known cricket grounds in the world.  Being the much obliging wife I quickly did the necessary coordinating and we were on our way to Melbourne.

We went to the MCG on a Saturday morning and were in awe at the size and echo being the only people (us and the other participants and some of their families) in a stadium that seats 100,000 people.  The two teams playing were made up of regular folks and Australian cricket players and TV and movie personalities – all at varying levels of cricket ability.  When it was time to play both teams were impressed with Rob’s cricket skills dubbing him Captain America.  Not only did he have some killer fielding points but he got Gary Sweet‘s wicket!  The ultimate point of the game however was whilst Rob was batting.  He had Shane Warne, the greatest bowler of all time, bowling to him.  He was up to the challenge and hit two runs!  (which is hard considering batting is like trying to play baseball but while wearing hockey gear).  Thankfully I was paying attention and took a picture of the moment, and a lot of other pictures because well, that’s what I do.

p.s. If you’d like a much longer explanation complete with DVD play by play I’m confident Robbo will take the time to sit down with you.



Robbo's turn to bat

Robbo’s turn to bat

Proud of my cricketer!

Proud of my cricketer!

Making the snake

Making the snake

The green team

The green team

"THE" hit!

“THE” hit!


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