This Girl is On Fire!

When Robbo and I moved to Australia the first show we got hooked on was Masterchef.  It was on 6 nights at week, which for two people who didn’t know anyone or had anything to do it kept our nights full.  It was also useful as it got us familiar with Australian cuisine as well as what some of the food items were called here – as I learned quickly they weren’t always the same (i.e. bell pepper = capsicum, cilantro = corriander) not that I couldn’t tell by sight at a grocer but reading a restaurant menu I didn’t want to sound like a complete ding dong.  We also loved that the show was edited in such a positive light and there seemed an air of comraderie, unlike ALL American reality competition shows,  

Moving ahead – we were in out 4th season of viewing (the show was in it’s 6th season).  Puffed up with our Perth pride we were barracking for “our” Amy Shields – Miss Flames!  She did quite well making it to the top 5 with her mad skills.  Here’s where the fun comes in.  This past week a few friends and I had the opportunity to take a cooking class WITH HER! IN MY KITCHEN!

First I felt bad that I acted like I totally knew her (because you know, she was in my living room every night) and probably said a bunch of dumb things but I have to hope that people say dumb things all the time and that maybe mine weren’t as awkward … but they probably were… Now back to her mad skills.  She’s not a professionally trained chef but man I learned a lot.  We cooked making local, kangaroo, celeriac, beet root and a brown sugar pavlova (plus sauces etc).  What’s great were all of the tips we learned along the way that really made the dish pop ( oh yeah – we puffed up wild rice too!!) were applicable to so many other dishes.   I would tell you all of the tips but I’m having a difficult time deciphering my writing and I don’t really want to spoil the fun if you plan on arranging a class with her yourself. (which I recommend).  

Amy and her partner are currently on a caravan journey around Australia, so make sure you follow their travel and culinary adventures here (and on Instagram at Amyshieldsmc ). 

You can also read a much more eloquently written entry about our day at my friend Ashlie’s blog here! 



Amy obviously plated this beaut!

Amy obviously plated this beaut!

Do you like how I held the plate as though I made it??

Do you like how I held the plate as though I made it??

I couldn't stop eating this

I couldn’t stop eating this

Look, I'm about to cut the pav!

Look, I’m about to cut the pav!


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