Gingham Style

This is a flashback post since it actually happened a while back but I am finally getting around to writing it up … It’s kind of like putting on an old jacket and finding $20. So you’re welcome.

My quilting habit hasn’t died yet.  I’m sure my husband was hoping this would become one of those hobbies that never quite got out of the fledgling state and much to his dismay it has thrived and continues to leave threads, strings and random scraps of fabric trailing behind me.  Each time I finish a quilt he inquiries as to what “are you going to do with this one?” and my response is always “well, it’s going on the couch with all of the others!” … which in the toasty Perth heat is VERY reasonable.  He was even more confused the other evening when I complained of being cold when going to bed.  He foolishly suggested that I use one of the SOFA quilts on the BED!  pfft, those are couch, napping, snuggling quilts, not for actual sleeping under on the bed.  He’ll learn one of these days.

Where this gets me to is that I was chatting one day with a friend about quilts and she was keen on having one made it a pretty cool style and I pounced on the opportunity to make another quilt without Robbo whinging about it’s future location.  The style chosen was a traditional gingham and surprisingly I couldn’t find a single gingham quilt pattern!  I did find a few finished projects with rough finished details so I figured I would just go ahead and wing it.  I did so with my fingers and toes crossed as I didn’t want to ruin or waste all of this beautiful fabric sent to me to make the quilt  ( do you like how I didn’t admit to my nervousness about totally stuffing it up until AFTER I had a great finished item???  That was for the sanity of all involved).  I finished the quilt top and quilting whilst still here in Perth and then luckily I had about 26 hours of flying in which I was able to do all of the binding (much to the confusion of those sitting around me).

I love this “gingham style” quilt and wanted to roll around on it in the grass and picnic on it, but don’t worry, I didn’t so the future owner could enjoy it in it’s fulness.  Also, although I complained about not being able to find an actual pattern and having to make one myself, I didn’t bother to write any of it in a format legible enough to type up for the next person – sorry.

And here’s the finished product:

I really wanted to roll around on this

I really wanted to roll around on this

Aren't my dad's flowers in the background pretty?

Aren’t my dad’s flowers in the background pretty?

All bowed up, ready to go!

All bowed up, ready to go!

And how excited was I to find an actual Gingham Style parody??!?!? (I’m not going to lie, it’s really, really, really cheesy)


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