Irish I Were a Little Bit Taller (or EUR pt. 1)

(Starting off from last week’s update on the Road trip) … I was dropped off in Kansas City and had 24 hours before my travels to Europe.  First stop: Dublin.  I met up with Hailey at the Kansas City airport and then headed off to Toronto without a hitch … The hitch came in Canada …

I was called to the boarding desk and informed that my seats no longer existed on our aircraft due to technical issues.  I then joined a crowd of people who appeared a bit distraught and angry, more angry.  I decided to go about this situation in my “getting pulled over by the police” route.  I summoned some embarassingly large, sobbing alligator tears and let the agent know my predicament that I was traveling with a child and my husband was already en route to Dublin from Australia.   (What I failed to mention that the child en towe was a 15 year old who was quite happy anywhere as long as we were within wifi range.)  The very, very kind agent made a quick phone call and then told us to RUN TO GATE 74!!!!!!  We quickly obeyed and ran down the concourse trying to not to trip over our tentacles of our many electronics chargers.  We soon found out we were bound for Frankfurt and upon arrival there a gate agent was standing there with our next tickets and vouchers for food.  Since we had to use the voucher at one location at one sitting we ordered as much McDonald’s as possible …

We finally made it to Dublin and fortunately Rob got the message we would be late right before he was about to put out a missing persons bulletin.  We made it just in time for our planned evening at the Brazen Head.  The oldest pub in Dublin, which is FANTASTIC for people who don’t drink.  Fantastic I say because we do like to eat, and lot’s of Irish pub food treated us well.  In addition to some folk lore and music.  The music was especially welcoming to help us ward off the jet lag.

The next morning, after eating pastries at the queen of tarts (thank you Tripadvisor), we drove off to find our castle we were booked to stay in.  During this 90 minute drive through the countryside I could check off another country in which I’ve gotten motion sick in.  Our castle was in Kinnitty, a town of approximately 2-ishness.  It was quaint and cute and had wifi and a tv showing sports so everyone was happy.   Our room was definitely the best.  Up in a corner, after some winding ways, both stair and hall, was our giant room with, wait for it, wait for it – a BOAT BED!  I’m still trying to figure out a way to get our own boat bed, or how to get better at swiping large things from hotels.  We hired some horses to go on a ride to get even more breathtaking views of the countryside.  Our guide was even willing to put up with my incessant need to photograph every second of my holiday existence.  Let’s face it, just existence in general.

Our time there was too short (but I think any amount of time there would be too short) and we quickly found ourselves back in the busy throngs of Dublin crowds, personalized shamrocks, Guinness paraphanelia, Celtic crosses, and pressed pennies.  This time we stayed at O’Neils Pub.  We like to stay near food … We opted not to take the regular bus tour and decided on the much cooler Dublin Viking Tour – which you get to wear Viking hats, roar at people, and go in the water.  You also learn some Dublin stuff.  We decided to eat some more local fare by way of the local TGI Fridays (and more free wifi).  Thankfully it was summer and we were pretty far North so we were able to wander around and explore more since the sun didn’t set until WAY past my normal 98 year old bed time.

It was bitter sweet to pack our bags to say good-bye to Ireland because we were headed off to stuff our faces with crepes in Paris …

So this happened ...

So this happened …

The bustling town main street

The bustling town main street

We also wore the helmets whilst walking around #safetyfirst

We also wore the helmets whilst walking around #safetyfirst



Look, we're standing in front of Ireland!

Look, we’re standing in front of Ireland!

Brazen Head and Jet Lag

Brazen Head and Jet Lag


We ate as much as we could ...

We ate as much as we could …


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