Emerging from Hibernation

I know I’ve been MIA but in my defence it was winter and Perth and I decided to hibernate.  By hibernate I really mean flying North for the winter … okay, I need to stop here.  It’s very hard for me to write about seasons.  That’s because out of the 4 people that read my blog, 2 are in the Northern Hemisphere and the other 2 are here in the Southern which means whichever way I spin it it’s confusing to half of my loyal readers.  In order to not cause mass chaos I want everyone to know for the record that when talking seasons I’m using Southern Hemipshere – which means Springs start on September 1 and Christmas is hot, REALLY HOT …

… Back to my musings … In June I headed to Omaha just in time for the College World Series.  I took this time to reacquaint myself with midwestern humidity whilst gorging myself on slutty ballpark food.  It was exciting to see half of the people I know since the entire city makes their way down to the ballpark at some point during the 10 day festivities.  I bought a tee-shirt that says “Omaha” on it a) in case I ever forget where I’m from and b) so I can where it out and someone else in Perth that has been to Omaha can stop me and we can talk about Runza.  My family was all together for this week and it was great to see that many people fit in the various beds and spaces and watch a 4 month old baby try to get any sleep with a really energetic jack russell terrier running around.

At the end of June I got conned into taking a road trip with my sister and her four kids to Utah and back.  Conned by ridiculous cuteness and kind words from aforementioned kids.  Being a parent of approximately zero kids my fool proof plan was a lot of benadryl but luckily their mother stepped in and full on entertainment of children ensued.  Some of the small lessons I learned were 1) kids can listen to one song for 16 hours straight and it’s just as excited the first time as it is the last … except there is no last, it just keeps going and 2) kids are easily bribed with 1 skittle.

Approximately 24 hours after the road trip I started my journey to meet Robbo in Ireland.  Thankfully Air Canada thought it’d be fun for me to do some additional site seeing by letting me know that my original seat “no longer existed” but that I could “run down to terminal 74 and get on that flight quick!!!!!” . After making  a larger scene than in Home Alone I found myself buckled into a plane only to learn that I was on my way to Frankfurt.  Eventually we were reunited and made our way through Ireland, Paris, and England.  The highlight was eating at Hard Rock Cafe, ‘er, I mean winning the sailing regatta in Cowes.

I had approximately a 48 hour turn around back in the US after Europe before heading back to Perth.  Since then I’ve spent every second of the last month recovering from jet lag and trying to sweat out the toxins from eating that Reuben Bratt at the College World Series.  I’ll be posting somewhat more detailed, but filled with snark and food references (not in that order), in the upcoming days.  I’ll also post some pictures because let’s face it, you really like pictures of me.

As you can tell this winter was CRAZY!

As you can tell this winter was CRAZY!

Until then – cheerio!


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