Na, na, na, na, na, na Batsmen!

Seriously.  Seriously.  Seriously who’d a thunk that I’d post about cricket once, let alone a SECOND time!

After our induction into Cricket-mania this past January Robbo decided to start following the Perth Winter Cricket League on Facebook – FB IS A GATEWAY DRUG PEOPLE!  From this he got a mysterious text one Friday night asking if he could sub in the next day’s cricket match.  Of course since he’s watched a lot of cricket he surely could play the game, right??  So he accepted the offer.  He was then told he just needed to bring $10 and his cricket kit … oh crap.  What’s a cricket kit?  See,  this is where my athletic pursuit has an advantage.  Whilst running, the only item runners need to participate are shoes – and you don’t really even need those.  After some furious texting on Robbo’s part we found that a cricket store was open in the morning for like 10 minutes so we’d be able to get the gear.  Eleventy billion dollars later we now own padding that competes with hockey in awkwardness to move around in.  Of course to make it look like he wasn’t a rookie after said equipment was removed from it’s packaging ’twas rubbed in the dirt …

Next up was attire.  If there is one thing everyone knows about cricket is that they wear all white.  I’m assuming it’s because they’re out there for 1 month playing the game and it saves them from heat stroke.  LUCKILY Robbo has white attire, however it’s his sailing outfit.  I kept my fingers crossed that as he rocked up to the game that all of the well played team mates in their state, regional, and national emblemed attire didn’t notice that all of his stuff was was emblazened with “Royal Perth Yacht Club” …

He’s now played a few games, and I spent an entire day sitting there “watching” (I’m sure you all know that by watching you know I really meant reading a book and eating McDonalds).  We’ve worked on his skills – and let’s just say that cricket is HARD!  The “bowler” (or pitcher for all you baseball fans) hurls this wooden ball at you from like two feet away (that may be an exageration) and sometimes it hits you – and by sometimes I mean frequently.  Robbo has so many welt marks that I honestly thought he was playing with Super Mario and fireballs.  They also have to catch without gloves … which hurts. We practiced catching with “soft hands” today.  It reminded me of in Mighty Ducks where they practiced puck control with eggs however my frequent “quack, quack, quack” didn’t seem to help.

All in all it’s a fun game (when you’re not getting walloped with the ball or breaking your hands trying to catch it).  And most importantly I took pictures so this can all live on in the infamy it deserves.

The buying of the gear ...

The buying of the gear …

Robbo in action

Robbo in action

My cricket player

My cricket player


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