Cinco de May-oh my stomach

When I was little I remember learning that you had to restrain how much you fed goldfish.  This was because they would just keep eating, even if they were too full, and would die.  I always thought how stupid that an animal didn’t realise how dangerously full they were  …

<Enter Cinco De Mayo>

I was so excited all day about Cinco de Mayo.  I told everyone at church about it.  They were confused until I explained that it’s kind of a Mexican Holiday.  That left them even more confused.  I then let them know that it’s really only celebrated by Americans, by making Tex-mex.  That still didn’t help.  Robbo and I got together with some of our friendo-s here and had a big ol’ Tex-mex potluck.  Trying to pull together this fiesta was a little more difficult than normal given lack of Mexican food ingredients available in Perth.   Luckily us ex-pat women have become very well versed at muling food back with us on our long haul trips.  The ability we have of schlepping velveeta, nilla wafers, rotel, reese’s peanut butter cups, spices, dressings, crystal light and any other imaginable food is epic.  It always freaks Robbo out when I bring food back with me because he’s watched too many episodes of Board Patrol – but I assure him that my 20 packets of ranch dressing and 144 single serves of Crystal Light is NOT the same as the dodgy guy bringing in 700 cartons of ciggies.

For our fiesta we had 67 types of dips, fajitas, beans, rice and of course banana pudding with nilla wafers and chocolate dipped cream cheese oreo balls.  We also managed a real classy pinata.

With all the yumminess around me I found out I’m part goldfish.  I’m lucky someone finally took my plate away from me.

The Pinata!

The Pinata!



Time to eat!

Time to eat!

Did someone say Cinco de Mayo??

Did someone say Cinco de Mayo??


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