The Finally Finished Farmer’s Wife

In 2012 my new year’s resolution was to make this ridiculous quilt.  It was the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt that heaps of quilt bloggers, flickrs, tumblrs, and instgrammers were all doing.  Not to be outdone I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.  The quilt consists of 111 6″ blocks  and the plan was to make two a week for the entire year.  Sometimes I made two, sometimes I didn’t make any and then had to make 10 later, sometimes I made 8 to make a ahead because I had the time.  As neurotic as I am I did manage to finish all of the blocks in time.  Then I had to put it all together and was going to send it to the quilter which would’ve cost about $300 to get quilted.  Thankfully all of the start aligned and my trip back to the states coincided with my mom’s purchase of a long arm quilter.  I decided to haul the queen size quilt with me there and back.  I think I scared the guy next to me on the long haul flight back in which I pulled out the giant quilt so I could hand sew on the binding.  He was concerned about me bringing needles on the flight, I was concerned about him trying to drink himself through the alcohol list …

After the quilt was all finished ’twas time to take it on the photo shoot – which happened in Margs during the girls weekend.  This year I came up with a much better New Year’s Resolution, employing the word ’twas.  So far I’ve been successful.

DSC_1534 DSC_1537 DSC_1543 DSC_1547 DSC_1553 DSC_1567


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