Gettin’ Wicket With It

I always swore that we’d never watch the cricket.  Never, ever.  Well, it turns out it wasn’t the  same never, ever that Taylor Swift uses.  Apparently it means give us year or two and we’ll be season ticket holders … We started out small with T20 Big Bash League and learned all of the rules and even bought some shirts.  Our season included some amazing games including a real nail biter, playing Elizabeth Hurley’s fiance, and making it to (and subsequently losing) the series final. My absolutely favourite part of it is that I now have a whole new world of puns at my disposal! (Wicket has turned into quite a pun word – and not just the adorbs Ewok).  It also turns out that our stadium (the WACA) is internationally known as having the fastest wicket.  I learned that from an overly excited Britt who was on the stadium tour with us.

I know you’re all mocking me with this whole cricket thing now but all you Downton Abbey lovers will be singing a different tune since they play a friendly game at the end of season 3 and I actually knew what was going on!


The Perth Scorchers on Fire

The Perth Scorchers on Fire



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