Up On The Roof

While the Northern Hemisphere is starting to get hit with winter we’re wallowing in the wonderful pre-summer weather (some may call it Spring – I just call it delightful).  It’s this time of year that Perth begins to turn its outdoor awesome up a notch or two, I’d go as far as to say it goes up to 11.  Outdoor movies begin to pop up everywhere and have different styles all their own – you can have family friendly, adult oriented (no, not THAT type of movies – get your mind out of the gutter), new releases, art house, cult classics, bean bag lounges, bring your own lawn chairs, blankets, picnics – pretty much anything to fit your needs.

We recently stumbled on a new favourite.  Rooftop Movies.  Decked out in 70’s trailer park glam the theatre is located on the top of a car park in the heart of the city.  It’s chock full of deck chairs, astro-turf lawn, kitsch flamingo decor, trailers housing concessions, ticket booth, DJ, and projector, and pallets to dine on.  Whilst watching the movie you’re perched within the city skyline.  It’s totally hip and cool and frankly, everything we’re not.  But we go anyway!  I was a little nervous as we first went.  Instead of looking like adorable Zooey Deschenal or wearing ironic glasses or owl jewelry, we geared up for the cold evening breeze by heavy layering and blankets en towe – and they still let us in!  We were treated to some great pre-ordered pizza, music by the DJ, and then the screening of an all time favourite This Is Spinal Tap.  Seriously, if you like funny things – watch it. (And yes, I went to this movie partially to make by brother jealous since it’s his fave).


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