The Race(s) that Stop a Nation

There have been so many races lately I can hardly keep count.  Okay, if I’m forced to there were three …
  1. Last week the Relay For Life fundraising season kicked off.  Since Spring horse racing was in full effect this event was complete with mouse races.  For the record, all PETA requirements were complied with and just in case I brought a tin of red paint for reinforcement (actually it was the little sample size tubs, I figured the size of paint receptacle should match the size of aggrievance).  The American Women’s Club accounted for 50 of the people in attendance and we all at fish ‘n chips, purchased and bet on mice, and cheered loudly for them as they didn’t want to move … forward that is.
  2. The infamous Melbourne Cup was up next.  This one is literally the Race that Stops a Nation.  Although set in, duh, Melbourne, everyone in the entirety of Australia gets all gussied up for the event.  Once again the AWC represented 50 people at the Princess Margaret Hospital Fundraiser at the Pan Pacific Hotel.  There were raffles, auctions, fashion shows, food, drinks, oh yeah, and a horse race that lasted approximately 2 minutes of the 4 hour event.
  3. There was a big ol’ Presidential election in the U.S. of A.  A little less than half the people voted for one guy, a little more than half the people voted for the other guy.  We voted absentee for the first time ever and were lucky enough to not be in the crossfire of political ads (except for while watching Hulu, who thought I lived in Wisconsin).  I’m hoping that Facebook can no return to being a land of thinking the weekend went too fast and TGIF.

Here are some things I learned

  • When you get 50 women together it gets loud
  • I really think I’ve found the untapped market of collegiate fascinators – unless you want to call the Husker Corn Head a fascinator then it’s already tapped …
  • When bidding on auction items it’s a good idea to make sure they fit in the car
  • It’s very difficult to fit 50 people into a picture  … who are all wearing giant head pieces
  • I believe I spent more time and energy and money getting ready for Melbourne Cup than I did prom
  • Approximately eleventy billion photos were taken, along with repeats with everyone’s camera “just in case”


Come on silly mice!

Hmmmm … how’s this getting home?

The Race

The AWC Group Pic


One thought on “The Race(s) that Stop a Nation

  1. It was a great week of races…well at least 2 of the 3 in your blog! Thanks for always making me laugh. And yes, the collegiate fascinators were awesome!

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