Who Said You Can’t Can Cheese?

A few months ago we celebrated Independence Day at a super fun shin-dig put on by the American Women’s Club.  The best part was the food – good ol’ American food.  Krispy Kreme, hot dogs, chili dogs, root beer, pop tarts, and nachos – with real liquid nacho cheese. Well, there was a tad bit extra food left over and I bought some cheese.  Since these were event size orders that means Rob came home to a 4 kg (that’s 8.8 lbs folks!) of liquid nacho cheese.

Figuring out what to do this with massive amount of cheese, besides just engaging in extreme gluttony (don’t think it didn’t cross my mind) was my mountain to climb for the day.  After spending a lot of time googling if you can freeze nacho cheese, I found out that you can – according to various online cheese communities.  My kitchen domesiticity (is that a word?) has lacked a bit here in Perth, but luckily I remembered a past life in which I  when I used to partake in fun things like canning.  I realised I could just do something similar – except instead of using jars I used old plastic containers that Rob always wonders why I save, and instead of using a canning process I just had Rob pour the cheese into the containers.  Watching him pour the cheese out of the giant bag reminded me of a bag pipe – so I tried to do my best bag pipe impersonation to help the process along.

Now we have perfectly-ish individual-ish portion size containers ready for our nacho (and homemade pretzel) cravings.


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