Father’s Day 2.0

Remember Father’s Day?  So does my home as it still wears the scent of burnt bacon.  Well, a funny thing happened a few weeks before Father’s Day.  I thought I was so sly in ordering Robbo’s present ahead of time.  I ordered him the so-very-awesome customised West Coast Eagles footy ball.  Apparently these take 10 years (give or take a few days) to make (even though the ball maker had just been embroiled in a child labor scandal – which I think those kids are fast workers) so the expected ship date was not until over a month later.  Come Father’s Day, giving Rob the receipt of his gift was really a special moment.  He was really excited to play with it … it reminded me of the awesome Toys R Us commercial from a Christmas way back in which they were trying to convince the American people to try this new thing called “online shopping”.

The present finally arrived.  It got here the day Rob got back from Houston, so it turned into a Father’s Day slash yay you’re home present.  He was pretty excited to finally see it.  So excited that he started playing with it … in the house … more specifically, in the kitchen … I bet my glassware would be more safe if he still had that raincheck …


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