Portrait of a Concert

Remember a few months ago when Rob sent me no less than 700 emails of an upcoming Kelly Clarkson concert?  When I was on lock down until tickets were acquired?  Well, the concert date finally arrived and poor Robbo was still in Houston and had to miss his highly anticipated concert.  Luckily I found a date as my friend Susie’s husband was out of the country as well.

As always, I tried my best to document every second of my life.  Do you know how hard it is to take pics of yourself and a concert with your iPhone?  Well, here are some examples of how great this turned out … (oh yeah, the concert was real good too).

Oops, there goes most of me

Ooh, I got both of us in this one! kind of …

Here, I’ll try


Not blurry – but we have no tops of heads …

Let’s just ask someone to take our picture

My concert pics didn’t turn out much better

Slightly better

I finally just downloaded pics of the concert from google images …

I lied and told Rob I took this one myself


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