What a Grand (Final) Weekend

I know that College football season is in full effect in the US however last weekend was the AFL Grand Final (read: Aussie rules football Super Bowl).  Since this was on Rob’s bucket list we decided there was no other option but to pull the trigger and do it (right?).  The Grand Final is in Melbourne at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).  Don’t worry, they play other things than cricket at the cricket ground (thankfully. we have yet to venture into the realm of cricket and am dreading the day Robbo suggests it).  Here’s a rundown of the weekend:

  • In addition to the game we also went to a Grand Final Eve dinner complete with footy Q&A panels, Aussie bands we weren’t sure who they were but everyone else did so we pretended to sing along, and lot’s of good food.
  • Lot’s of rain.  Usually when there was no cover in sight and the umbrella in utter disrepair.
  • Since no WA teams made it to the Grand Final we chose to barrick for the Hawthorn Hawks … and they lost. (I also learned what barricking was after everyone asked us who we were barricking for … I’ll let you figure it out).
  • Interesting thing about Hawthorn – they are located in the state of Victoria but their main sponsor is the state of Tasmania, which is on their uniforms, and it’s very confusing …
  • Australians stay not only to the actual end of the game, but also for the awards ceremony afterwords.  Unlike growing up and having my dad on the edge of his seat at every sporting event deciding on the most perfect leaving timing to encounter the least amount of traffic possible yet experience most of the important plays/ part of the game.  This rarely backfired.
  • The “baked bean bar” made it’s debut after the game.  What can taste better than a phyllo pastry wrapped around baked beans?  A lot of things …
  • We realised we are too old to take the red eye … ever.
  • Rob had to take a last minute trip to Houston, so we parted way at the Melbourne  airport – he went onto the land of desirable food in mammoth proportions and I went home to wearing sweats and and letting my sewing “stuff” take over the house. (when I talk to Rob though I’ve assured him I’ve kept things spotless and running smoothly).

it is

Who doesn’t love a blurry picture

We finally made it to the MCG!

Australia is not always warm

Swannies are the winners!

Maybe I should’ve said no?


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