We Juice

Don’t worry, this isn’t about having any of my fitness and/ or sport titles stripped from us.

This past winter has provided us with many a great citrus fruit.  With everyone’s trees producing an overabundance of lemons, I gladly help myself to a bushelful whilst walking down the street.  I’m not stealing, I’m doing them a favour so the lemons don’t just fall and rot in their yard, or so they don’t have to pick them and try to pawn them off on their friends that also have bountiful crops.  Normally Rob frowns upon my hoarding but he had a plan this time … Juicing!

Now we don’t have one of those high tech machines that you can just throw the entire fruit in and it’ll make the juice plus a pie on the side.  Instead we have a handy $5 juicer from Ikea that I like to call the bjork, although it does not have the swan dress (yes, I realise Bjork is Icelandic not Swedish, however there aren’t many notable Swedish names).  Once my hoard is large enough, Rob cuts them all up and makes us fantastic orange juice, orange lemon juice, and lemonade.  Of course we don’t own an actual pitcher, so instead we use the trusty Pyrex 8 Cup measurer to hold our fresh bevs … because we’re classy like that …

Ready to be massacred

Lemon tree, oh so pretty


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