Our New Addition

It has finally happened.  After much deliberation, we, the Osborns, have become a two car family.  When we moved to Perth a year and a half ago we weren’t even going to be a one car family.  That lasted approximately 16 days (per a very relieved journal entry).  As we were out and about town we’d see the old Mini’s puttering around and thought they seemed pretty neat.  Periodically Rob and I would peruse Gumtree (same as Craigslist) to see what was out there.  Recently this 1976 beauty popped up and after Rob decided he could live with a fuchsia car as long as it was in my name (because people would know that if they see him driving it, right?) we pulled the trigger.  Rob said that he has wanted one ever since he was little (so yes, when they were brand new). Now I know there are few questions and here are the answers: her name is Minerva, and yes, we’re keeping the paint job.

I’ll promise rides around town to any who want it – once I learn how to drive it.  Rob keeps telling me that it’s just like the old farm trucks from the 70s – which resulted in a big blank stare on my part.  I think he’s overestimating my farm vehicle handling history …

Minerva the Mini!


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