My First Rugby Trophy

Rob informed me that we were going to the rugby match this weekend.  The Wallabies were in town (the National Australian rugby team).  Here’s how the conversation went …

Rob: Hey, we’re going to the rugby match

Me: Oh, who are they playing?

Rob: <some team I don’t recognise – aka any rugby team>

Me: hmmm, huh?

Rob: You know Matt Damon?

Me: OHMYGOSH they’re playing Matt Damon!?!?

Rob: No, you know that movie Invictus that he was in with Morgan Freeman?

Me: Oooh, does he play for that team??!?!

Rob: No, it’s the team that was in the movie – South Africa Springboks

Me: So Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman aren’t going to be there?

Rob: <walks away clearly defeated>

We went to the game and there was an event beforehand where all the guys talk shop and they feed you a bunch of food and they had a little souvenir for the event … a rugby trophy.  Now, I’m not saying that I’ve properly earned every award in my possession, in fact, I once came home with the Women’s First Place plaque for a duathlon … after I traded the winner a loaf of Amish cinnamon bread for it, but at least I competed in the race!  For this stunning trophy I ate dinner and watched a game.  I am proud of my trophy though, partially because in college I did participate in one rugby practice before quitting and this award makes me feel like that practice was worth it.   After having received this I feel I should make the following announcement: I’ve now decided to retire from rugby.  This lone trophy will grace my shelf alone (well, not alone, Rob got one too) with pride.

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul

-From Invictus by William Ernest Henley  (Not to be confused with Ernest Hemmingway)

The lone security guy was to keep anyone on the South side of the stadium from charging the field …


Well earned!


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