Hmmm, guess I should update my blog …

Sorry folks, I don’t typically take breaks like this but the following happened:

See, Rob plays the footy (Australian Rules Football) on Wednesday nights with a bunch of guys who are, how do I put it kindly, A LOT younger than he is.  This particular night I got a message that something happened at footy – that something being Rob rolling his ankle pretty bad, ending up in the ER (after team effort of carrying him to the car – and of course the woman in me asked immediately after hearing this “why didn’t you call an ambulance”) and then eventually on crutches and ample amounts of pain pills.  Since then I’ve spent all of my energy nursing him back to health – or moreso, trying to get him slow down so he can heal!!!

This weekend was Father’s Day here in Aussielandia so we made sure to chalk the weekend full of lots of man fun.  It included more footy – don’t worry, Rob didn’t play.  Even though it was the Fremantle Dockers we still cheered for them (although Rob thinks my cheering looks more like talking to friends and ignoring the game – but he’s wrong, you can’t ignore that man men running around in short shorts).

We also played tourists and went to the World War II tunnels at Leighton Battery  that are only a 15 minute drive away.   It was very manly (war, guns, tunnels) and really interesting.  I won’t go into details but the site has more information (handily hyperlinked above – you’re welcome).  I’ll skip the girly part where I made Rob walk along the beach with me, but come on, it had to happen – It was the first day of Spring and it was gorgeous out and I whined until he agreed to it.  I made up for the walk on the beach the day by making brinner.  I picked up some American bacon and made pancakes and eggs.  Although I did burn the bacon all dinner items were fully edible and were fully eaten.  If I say so I think Robbo had a pretty happy father’s day … even with being on the injured list.

It TOTALLY bugs me that it’s not in roman numerals …

No emergencies today!

Gun envy?

I couldn’t find a sign hanging up … so we had to improvise

I think the sights missing

Pre game eats

We like pictures when we match


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