32 is the new 21

(I was going to title this 32 is the new 16 but thought it would look creepy to imply Rob would be married to a 16 year old).

I had another birthday, these rascally things keep coming around.  They were pretty fun when I was little – except for the year my parents got me a lizard.  I was perplexed with the gift (as any 11 year old GIRL would be) but my mum said my little brother said I really wanted one.  The same scenario happened the next year when I got a gameboy.  Once again, my brother Mike(y) always knew what I he wanted.  I like getting older, I have more and more and more fun as each day and year pass.

This year for my birfday dinner we went to Lamont’s Bishop’s House in the City.  We decided to let our figures go for the night and indulge in the degustation menu.  To ensure that you didn’t miss you on what we ate I took pictures of each of the courses – in a dark dining room, with my flash on.  (I’m not gonna lie, even looking at the pictures makes me stuffed again).


Pear and frisee salad with Jamon, soft egg and truffle vinaigrette

Pork belly with roast apple puree, fennel and grapefuit salad

Smoked mushroom risotto with shaved Manjimup truffle

Shriaz braised duck with steamed buns, roasted pineapple chutney

Grilled fish with zucchini angel hair, vongole and mussel nage

Lamb loin, ragu of shoulder, parsnip puree with anchovy and parsley

Rob’s favourite – the petit dessert selection


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