Catching up with the Farmer’s Wife

I was running along quite nicely on my 2012 Farmer’s Wife Quilt resolution … that is until I made a trip back to the US.  At that point I pretty much was on hold for a good 8 (or more) weeks of the project.  I have now finally caught up.  It might’ve taken a few days of agoraphobic tendencies and a lack of fresh air and sunlight  but I’m almost caught up!  (by the way, I had to google the spelling of agoraphobia for that last sentence.  Whilst doing so I found out there is a metal band called Agoraphobic Nosebleed formed in 1994 and they were well known for their brevity of songs … yeah, really short heavy metal songs.  Love learning new and unimportant things on the internet – and I have now infected you with this knowledge.  I hope you credit me someday when it becomes the winning answer for trivial pursuit or jeopardy … but most likely it’ll be bar trivia at a TGI Fridays …)

Back to me … through this massive catch-up process I’ve learned that two block per week is significantly easier than 16 blocks per day.  (duh).  Here are the blocks.


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