Truffle Shuffle

This weekend was time for the annual Mundaring Truffle Festival! (Mushroom that is, not chocolate –  I know, it can be a bit deceiving).  I really, truly wish this had either Rob or I performing the wonderous truffle shuffle, however instead it is once again an entry about Rob and I eating.  Let’s just put it this way, you know how people love to say that their spouse is there best friend?  Rob and I are quite content to say that food is our best friend …

We drove out to the hills of Perth, excited to partake of many truffle concoctions (although I managed to impress Rob with my ability to get car sick, have to stop and use the restroom, and stop and get a Diet Coke in only a 40 minute drive).  Our plan was to peruse and prioritise the food stalls prior to consumption … that was until we hit the first one and I “had” to get the hazelnut bread with truffle butter, and then the second one where Rob “had” to get the pear and truffle tart, and then we came across some fudge and we “had” to cleanse our pallets from all the truffle flavouring before moving on … never fear though, we still managed to eat the Moon meat which is (TO DIE FOR) a moon of truffled “free range” black hog berkshire pork, with a truffled cheesy prosciutto centre, roasted and served in a new norcia bun with rocket leaves and truffle butter.  That was Rob’s highlight.  Mine were dainty crab cakes with truffle aioli … we then rolled down the hill home

WAIT!  We didn’t go home first.  We decided the day was too pretty to just go back home so we went to the nearby Kalamunda Zig Zag.  It’s also in the hills and provides you with the best view of Perth – and it makes it look so tiny.

WAIT!  Our day didn’t end there.  Apparently after truffelizing our arteries we needed to eat more.  Rob took it upon himself to make Tim Tam cookies.  I’m not quite sure what he was thinking but after taking one bit I really didn’t care.  They are dangerously good.  If you are keen on making them you can get the recipe here.  If you aren’t sure what you would do with all of them once you make them you can give them to my husband.

mmmmm, truffles …

Pear, truffle tart … and Rob

I love you my crab cakes!

The moon meat! (Rob willingly shared)

City of Perth from the Zig Zag

The infamous Tim Tam cookies


3 thoughts on “Truffle Shuffle

    • Thanks for the recipe – we’re now quite keen on your baking! (although it’s made an increase in our workouts)

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