Say Cheese (and a bunch of other food too)!

This weekend in Perth was the Good Food & Wine Show.  With this, you may ask

You: Hey Osborn’s, but you don’t drink, what are you doing at the Good Food & Wine Show?

And to that I would respond

Me: Yes, you are correct, but we like food … a lot.

And with this we made up for the lack of booze by doubling up on our food efforts at the show.  True to form we went directly to Cheese Alley and enjoyed pecorinos, camemberts, chevres, blues, and the fan favorite – wasabi!  From there we kept eating our way through the show.  Cheese kranskys, jerkey’s, fudge, breads, olive oils, black angus pies, fudges, cupcakes, and awesomely there were even frozen chocolate covered bananas (shout out to all of my Arrested Development friends!).

The perfect place to start

mmmm, mmmm cheese

Did I mention the sausages?

Waiting patiently for the cheese kransky

Happy Pre-Bastille Day!

There’s always money in the banana stand

THANKFULLY they sold crocs!


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