Happy Independence Day to all, and to all a good night!

It’s starting to get less weird celebrating American holidays in another country.  In fact, the weirdness is the new normal.  We celebrated Independence Day on July 1st as the American Women’s Club put on it’s annual fair.  Yes, all the Canadian that read this realise that was Canada Day, but ‘eh, I figure the Aussie’s change holidays around on a whim (yes, Father’s Day is in September, our first day of Spring is September 1st) so why not follow suit.  The fair was ripe with patriotism including chili dogs, nachos, Krispy Kreme, bake sales, quilt raffle, petting zoo, climbing wall, car display and military band … oh yeah, and lot’s of red, white, and blue.  Thankfully we were blessed with beautiful weather and heaps of friends to celebrate it with.  (Special thanks to Robbo for climbing up and down the ladder eleventy billion times to hang all of the flags).

*No appendages were blown off in the making of this holiday

Ta-dah! Happy Independence Day!

The flags don’t hang themselves!

Flag of Valour Quilt Raffle – courtesy of the quilt group

The Krispy Kreme queen herself!

Aggie Team Carswell helping move donuts


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