You Can’t Pick Your Family


It’s a very common sight to see my family’s TV tuned into Antique Roadshow.  Watching the long lines of people with their treasures snaking through PBS while we guess which items are real, fakes, and taking bets on worth.  It’s no surprise that as subsequent shows like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and American Pickers have aired that we’re equally obsessed.  While in Nashville my family was gathered around watching American Pickers and we realised they now had a location in Nashville.  So it was only appropriate for us to descend upon the store.  While there we partook of many photo opportunities, pointed out the items we’d seen on picked on various episodes, and bought many tee-shirts that will surely end up in a quilt some day.

Funny Part

Now here’s where I let you in on a little secret.  My family, at times, gets sentimental about objects.  I don’t like to think of it as hoarding as much as I do “saving for future picking”.  This is the most recent example of awesomeness saved over the years.  Whiles in my mother’s sewing room I noticed a certain plastic mug :

Mom: Oh Becca, did you see that’s from we went to the circus?!?

Me: You mean in 1989?

Mom: Yes! Do you want it?

Me: A plastic mug from the 1989 circus? I think I’ll pass …

One week later in Nashville

Mom: I brought you that mug! I cleaned it out and everything!

Me: Really? The plastic 1989 circus mug? You brought it to Nashville?

Mom: Yes! For you!

Me: uh-huh *puts in bag*

Now here’s where my sister arrives

Sister: Guess what Becca.  I was in mom’s sewing room the other day and she has the plastic mug from when we went to the circus!  I really wanted it and asked if I could have it and she said no.

Me: Really? That’s interesting … in other news, check out my new awesome mug! *proudly displays Ringling Brothers mug circa 1989*

It looks like the mug will be kept alongside my Nancy Drew collection and slap bracelets in case of an Australian Pickers spin-off.

Yup, we also ate at Jim & Nick’s BBQ

Who didn’t love a little Gunther Gabel-Williams in a half shirt


One thought on “You Can’t Pick Your Family

  1. We went to that circus when it came! Which is saying something cuz we could never do anything that cost $. Applause to your mom for taking such good care of that mug for so long… how could you have turned down her offer to take it?!

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