Viva Nashvegas

Remember when you used to go on vacation and have to pack a camera and batteries and flash and sometimes film?  I love that you really don’t have to do that anymore.  I love that for small trips in which a professional photog isn’t necessary I can just take out my iPhone and Instagram a few pics and call it a wrap.  While I was in Nashville I realised that it was the perfect opportunity to utilise the “Nashville” setting on Instagram – I’m not sure what makes it Nashville-esque but maybe you can help ‘xplain it to me.  Now I just need them to make settings for all of my vacation locations.  Enjoy my fun!

Family Shirts from Antique Archeology (American Pickers)

Doing some American Pickin’

Pre-singing and fun at the Commodore

Mike(y) Playing at the Commodore

Trying to Hijack the American Picker’s Van (with style)

Who doesn’t have time to stop for cupcakes?

Country Music Hall of Fame (and me!) – Yee haw!

“You ain’t riding no bull!”

Awwww, Marty Robbins. Legendary singer/ NASCAR driver

Getting our canoe-on


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