I mustache you a question …

Easter weekend is always a good time – four full days of R&R (or in our case ridiculous levels of over-committment).  Amidst some sailing, egg huntin’, sausage sizzles, barbeques, more sailing, movies, and shopping we managed to have a little bit o’ kind of home-made fun.  Amidst the shopping we came across some cookie cutters (awesome, awesome mustache cookie cutters).  Luckily Rob’s sweet tooth quickly purchased them.  Since it was the end of a long weekend I had already used up all of my craftiness so we picked up store-made cookie dough and a can of frosting.  A few minutes to cut, bake, cool, and frost (luckily we had Storage Wars to keep us entertained during the baking process) and we were playing and partaking of our “Munchstache” cookies.


2 thoughts on “I mustache you a question …

  1. Hilarious. Those would be a really fun treat for a party. Also, Becca, your hair is so long! (Have I already commented on its length?)

    • It was fun – I didn’t show the ones we frosted though because they didn’t retain the full mustache look. (I seriously have only cut it once in the last year – time to get to a hair stylist stat!!!)

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