Bizarro Move

If you’ve been remotely within earshot (or text-shot) of me lately you have most likely heard me whinging about our recent move.  It’s a tad of a silly situation,  our unit was sold so we had to move.  Across the hall.  To basically the exact same place.  Like most moves I had some people to help me, but this time without having to bribe them with free pizza and doughnuts.  They were quite pleased to only have to carry all of our stuff across the hall – even though they were a bit confused moving my bingo set (yes, I still have it after wondering why we moved it all the way here from KC).

Here’s the real issue about this bizarro move.  Our apartment is the mirror image of our previous one.  Which means it’s the exact opposite.  Everything.  When I turn right for the light, it’s on the left. When I go for the pantry, it’s the rubbish bin.  When I turn for the restroom, it’s the closet.  Here’s to hoping that mistake isn’t made in the middle of the night …


One thought on “Bizarro Move

  1. That would be so confusing. We live in a townhouse right now and our good friends live in its mirror image. I always feel a little off when I’m at their house.

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